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“While I was away from myself, you knocked the wind out of me and made yourself comfortable in my space. You laid claim to my heart and head, you imprinted on my couch and my bed, crept into my dreams, and left bits of you on my pillow. While I was away, you inhabited my being and took over my life. Now that I am back, dear guest, I need you to move out. So, I can reclaim my space.” This space belonged to me, even though I had forgotten for a long while now…..I come back to feel lines and wrinkles on my face that I had forgotten to trace, to feel the extra bit of flesh around my waist that softly protrudes and jiggles while I move about, to see the many extra grey in my hair….I have come back to re-inhabit this space that is me. Maybe that is a good thing, knowing these last few years blew the wind out of me, but I still took painful breathes that got me here. I got here telling lies to cajole myself out of that drab and dank place inside my head, I told tales of braver