Oh Happy Days

Today of all days demands jotting down some of my thoughts. It is literally the beginning of a new day where a beautiful idea is endorsed world over. As the world looks at Bhutan whilst celebrating the first international day of happiness, there are two kinds of emotions I am personally experiencing. One, I am proud to belong to this tiny kingdom in the mountains, out of which came what has now become a global anthem. It's an adrenaline rush and for this excitement we have but our Monarchs to thank. We are the people behind the topic because of their wisdom! How cool is that!

Second, with the excitement comes a personal sense of responsibility- an almost subtle need to try and revere 'happiness' in whatever form it takes. It brings to focus that there is much to life even as we lay wallowing in our current situations. It's about making a conscious decision to stop complaining and try making the best out of what we have got. Believe me, when I say i know- I am not the easiest person to be happy, but I realize today- must be the air- that there can be a tipping point to everything. I can be happy if I allow.

I know the one general criticism to this day is that only one day out of the whole year is observed as the happiness day. Why not everyday? For me, its simple. We can all try to be happy everyday. That to me is progression from a simple idea. Nobody has put a limit to what we can do to achieve and observe our collective happiness. I know- chagrin creeps in the moment we almost negate personal for the sake of collective happiness, but then what would collective be without personal. A huge mass of nothing.

 So my question to you is: would you rather be miserable pointing out faults today of all days? Or, would you join every mind in the world who is thinking of how best to be happy?


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